Get the tips you need to maintain your flooring

Whether inside or out, the right maintenance in essential to making sure your flooring is as clean and well-kept as possible. In between visits from Mid Western Steam Clean, use these cleaning tips to keep your home as clean as possible.

Keep your carpets in tip top condition

  • Engage in regular vacuuming, at least once a week. Without regular vacuuming, particles will accumulate in your carpet and damage your carpet’s fibers.
  • Remove stain and spills right away with a reliable and safe cleaning agent to avoid damaging your carpet.  Blot up spilled liquids using a soft towel and use a spoon to scrape up solids to avoid tearing your carpet.
  • Spot clean between professional cleanings with a gentle cleaner like Oxyclean that cleans carpets without leaving a residue.
  • Keep the use of cleaning agents to a minimum to reduce the accumulation of these agents in your carpet. Extended use of these agents can cause a buildup that dirt can stick to, causing resoiling.  


Learn to maintain your home in the best way possible


With the right tools you can always keep your homes floors looking new!