Help your rugs look new again

When your carpet starts to look dirty, gray, or worn, it’s time to bring in the professionals. With an expert steam clean process, the team at Mid Western Steam Clean can have your floors looking like new again.


Deep cleaning for you

Steam cleaning is the only carpet cleaning method guaranteed to truly penetrate fibers to reach the bottom levels of dirt and debris. Until your carpets are steam cleaned, they’re never truly clean.


Expert cleaning processes

  • Pre-spray a treatment that releases soil and stains from the carpet fibers.
  • Penetrate with a carpet cleaning tool that releases a fine spray of water.
  • Suck up the water, dirt, germs and pre-spray immediately by a truck mounted vacuum.

Make the right choices for your home

Steam cleaning your carpets and rugs will extend their lives, keeping your home looking newer and fresher for longer. What are you waiting for? Call today to learn more.





“I would highly recommend Mike and MidWestern Steam Clean, LLC for all your carpet and tile cleaning. It’s a delight to work with such a knowledgeable and pleasant professional.”



See how great your carpets can look with truly expert cleaning!




PLEASE NOTE: Mike does an onsite, accurate measure and price quote.  Before any cleaning begins, he gets your approval.  No hidden fees or up charges.  Midwestern Steam Clean is an honest, local company you can trust.
All floor cleaning pricing is based on square footage.
Carpeting: $0.35
Carpet steps: $3 per step
Area rug (Synthetic): $1.50
Area rug (Wool): $2.50-$3.50 (based on condition of rug)
     -Sectional Couch: $180
     -Couch: $120
     -Rocker: $65
     -Table Chair: $10-20
Commercial Carpet:
     -Encapsulation: $0.20/square foot
     -Steam Carpet: $0.25/square foot
All cleaning prices include Deodorizer and Scotch Guard